Paradigm Adventure Game Review

Click-and-point adventure games have always provided a thirst to be quenched within my gamer-verse and Paradigm Adventure from Australian, Perth-based, developer Jacob Janerka, is my latest find. Released in 2017, Paradigm was crowdfunded by a kickstarter that ended in October 2014, after raising $22,557 above the initial $14,000 goal. It is 2026, dial-up is the … Continue reading Paradigm Adventure Game Review

Space Quest – my own gaming adventure

  Space Quest, the point-and-click adventure game that started it all. Yes, along with my blossoming love of simulation games and games that put you in the scenario, as much as is humanly possible given the restraints of my atomic bod, the Space Quest saga truly was the game that started my overall love of … Continue reading Space Quest – my own gaming adventure